Who releases a concept album in the era of Trump?

The Yawpers, who view “Boy in a Well” as a reaction to their last  “American Man."

When monosyllabic phraseology repeated over and over again seems to be the new language spoken from the ‘intellectually-disabled’ (or is it  ‘intellectually-challenged’) so-called Orange Man who occupies 1600  Pennsylvania Avenue (at least when he is not on the golf course) to the knuckle-draggers that still follow his lead. A concept album about a fucked-up love affair in post-World War I France with all its  Freudian and Oedipal conceits, The Yawper’s “Boy in a Well” is not low-brow entertainment.

It is one of the best albums 2017 has produced to date. Art is not  dead in this landscape that more and more resembles that of “The  Walking Dead.”

Even better, the album is an absolute scorcher live. The band is playing the album in its entirety on this tour, even in the opening spot for Low Cut Connie, as was the case Thursday night at Club Cafe.  And a thank you for Club Cafe for jettisoning the pre-requisite opening local band for this show.

The energy that The Yawpers create while building the world of a boy living in a well becomes palpable at times in the set. The initial build-up and release of “Armistice Day” through to “Reunion,” the album is a constant ebb and flow of energy, live it is amplified  multiple times over. The album works beautifully as the setlist, and it is performed with a forcefulness that belies hammering home a  point. It is a reflection of the passion and the fervor for the material.

It is said that times like these produce the best in art, literature,  and music. The Yawpers have added their contribution.

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