The hype rarely lives up to the act itself.

In the week leading up to The Regrettes playing the Funhouse at Mr.  Smalls, the band’s new video for “Seashore” broke on Entertainment  Weekly and Consequence of Sound. The video and song have the audacity  to encompass something rare. Something much rarer than seeing a UFO or  Bigfoot strolling across the old country road in front of your car.

“Seashore” contains a message. Gasp! That doesn’t happen anymore.

But it does, The Regrettes a power-punk band from the City of Angels  have delivered messages of social, political and gender discord on  their debut album, “Feel Your Feelings, Fool!”

Much like the punk bands of the 1970s and the grunge groups of the  90s, The Regrettes have something to say and are not pulling any  punches thanks to the strong lyrics of singer/guitarist Lydia Night.

It helps that they’re pretty good musicians too, as was quite evident  last night at the Funhouse.

Live, the band has a spryness that being a young band can provide.  Night has the potential to be a front woman cut from the mold of  Debbie Harry or Kathleen Hanna or Carrie Brownstein.

From the opener, “I Don’t Like You” to “Hey Now” to “Lacy Loo” and  “Hot,” the band cleared the already high-water mark set by the hype  that currently surrounds the band. And the relatively large crowd for  a Sunday night in Pittsburgh (especially when Ladyfest 2017 was  finishing and Heartwood Acres was offering a free summer show). It was  refreshing to see.

Just as refreshing as The Regrettes gaining traction with a strong  female presence with a voice with a message that demands to be heard.

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