It has been quite the year for Skating Polly.

The band released the EP “New Trick” at the end of April. Just three songs, but each features utterly brilliant songwriting and composition.

It also features Louise Post and Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt. Post and Gordon are just the latest in a long line of notable admirers of Skating Polly.

Rosanne Cash, Sean Lennon, Babes in Toyland, L7, and Kate Nash are just a few others that have become fans of Skating Polly.

The band also grew this year from just stepsisters Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo to include Mayo’s brother Kurt.

After playing Pittsburgh for the first time in June, the band headed overseas to open for Nash on her European tour. They returned to open for the legendary X on the band’s 40th Anniversary Tour.

We talked to the band back in June and caught up with them again as they opened for X last night at the Rex Theater.

X, Kate Nash and what comes next for the band are all topics for discussion.

The Swerve Magazine: How is the tour with X going so far?

Peyton Bighorse:
The tour is GREAT! We've had so many special moments with each member of X, like our foosball matches with DJ and Craig backstage in Denver or when Billy played piano backstage for Kelli and when we got to go up and sing "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts" with them! It has been seriously dreamy; I almost never want it to end.

SM: Exene Cervenka of the band took an interest in Skating Polly after she first heard the band. Can you talk a little about your history with her? Like how you came to meet? How was working with her?

PB: We met her at this cool venue in Oaklahoma City, The Conservatory. Kelli and I would check the new shows every week, and when we saw she was coming through, we flipped out. We begged and begged my mom to take us then we bugged Exene and her band all night, asking about all our favorite punks. At the end of the night, she gave us her email address, and we kept in touch. After we sent her our first album, she said she wanted to produce the second, which we were all for, of course! Working with her in the studio and on the road is amazing and a little surreal. We're blown away by her performance every night. She changes her performance and her melodies and even her lyrics! Every night! It's outstanding. This tour is part of history, and it's an honor to be a part of that part.

SM: Before launching this tour with X, you just got back from a European tour with Kate Nash, how did that go and what were some of the highlights for you?

Kelli Mayo: It was so much fun! We love Kate and her band and her crew! They're so sweet and uplifting and supportive. The shows were fantastic. It was our first time playing Europe outside of the UK. My favorite moment probably of the whole tour was in Amsterdam at the end of the last show. Every night, Kate would bring everyone up to sing and dance along to "I've Had the Time of My Life," but each time I'd get too shy and just watch from the side of the stage. On the last night though I was pulled on stage and decided to have fun and not be embarrassed. It was so fun finally dancing with all my friends.

SM: One thing that is probably not on the highlight reel from the European tour is the bass that broke. How long had you had that particular one? What were the feelings as it went to bass-heaven?

KM: I’ve had it since June 2013. I was stressed because I loved how light it was, and I'd gotten very comfortable with it over the years. I also mastered dialing in the sound for shows. But I was also a little excited about getting to pick a new one; I never loved the way that one looked. And I was also excited about getting to smash it onstage in Germany. My new bass is still an Ibanez. It's not short scale like the last, but it is smaller and lighter than most basses. Definitely, has more tone and more knobs, so I have more options as well. Billy Zoom gave me his tiny screwdriver to remove the fourth tuning peg, and I painted it with black nail polish backstage in Denver.

SM: With all the touring, when do you find time to write/work on new material?

Skating Polly: Anytime we are home we are working on new material! It's a little harder to work on new songs when we're touring, but we find time to work on lyrics in the car and sometimes play around with new stuff during soundcheck!

SM: Keeping with the new material idea, will is skew more towards what we heard on the EP release with Veruca Salt or more like your last LP?

SP: There’s no telling where the new record will go at this point. We've been working on lots of songs, and Kurt has had a pretty significant part in them. I think it will be different than what we've done before for sure; we can do so much more with three members. But it'll still sound like Skating Polly. Even with a new member who has new and different ideas, we can't avoid sounding like ourselves.

SM: After this tour with X what is next for Skating Polly?

SP: We are working on new songs, and going into record them with Brad Wood soon! We can't wait to get back in the studio. And then in December, we have another tour lined up with our pals in Starcrawler down through Texas then back up the West Coast.