Last night (May 16) was Skating Polly’s first trip to Pittsburgh.

Hopefully, it will not be the band’s last.

The trio played a grunge-soaked set that captivated a surprisingly big crowd for the Smiling Moose on a Tuesday night.

Kelli (bass/vocals) and Kurtis (drums/guitar) Mayo and stepsister Peyton Bighorse (guitar/vocals) may be young, Kelli is only seventeen, but they have had a stage presence that some gray-haired acts that play extremely expensive shows in the middle of the desert (yes, we’re looking at you Desert Trip Festival).

The band blazed through through last two albums, pulling heavier from 2016’s “The Big Fit,” and this year’s new EP “New Trick.”

Highlights were “Hail Mary” from “Trick” and the electrifying closer “Alabama Movies” from 2014’s “Fuzz Steilacoom.”

Let’s hope it is not long before for the trio based in Olympia, Washington makes a return trip to Pittsburgh.