If this past Friday the 13th’s One-Eyed Doll show at the Funhouse at  Mr. Smalls was Kimberly Freeman feeling a bit under the weather,  clocking in at just under two hours, with a kinetic energy that saw her cover the stage as well as bouncing out into the crowd, then it is hard to imagine the vigor and verve that possess her at full strength.

Just how good was the show? The band almost had this die-hard,  anti-Pink Floyd guy rethink his stance as their near metal-sludge slice of “Comfortably Numb” stripped away all the melodramatic production of the original. It was a great take on the song and also highlighted the diversity of this stop on the Something Wicked Tour.

The band charged through favorites like “Be My Friend,” You’re a  Vampire,” and “Committed,” and the true highlight of the show was the  material off of the new EP “Something Wicked” and “Rust” off of  Freeman’s recently solo release “Secret Lullaby.” As Junior (Jason  Sewell) moved from out behind the drum kit to take the lead guitar as a bassist (and another drummer) were added to make the one-time duo a  quartet. The added oomph gave the songs as heavy, richer sound.

It is damn near impossible to describe a One-Eyed Doll show. Descriptions only go so far; it is a concert that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

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