5.  The Wind and the Wave, “ Happiness is not a Place”

4. Trent Dabbs, “The Optimist”

Though you may not be familiar with his name, you've likely heard Trent Dabbs' work. He has established himself as one of Nashville's best songwriters. On his latest studio album, his propensity for crafting catchy hooks and melodies is on clear display.

3. Pete Yorn, “Arranging Time”

On his first studio album in six years, Pete Yorn delivers one of his best efforts yet, maintaining his trademark sound while displaying the complexity and evolution of an artist who has been making music for more than 15 years.

2. Birdtalker, “Just This”

The songs on this six-track debut EP are immediately and eminently listenable, with each one displaying great harmonies and hooks. After such a stacked debut EP, listeners will surely be left wanting for more.

1. Blind Pilot, “And Then Like Lions”

With musicianship, lyrics, vocals, melody, Blind Pilot is the complete package, and never has that been on better display than on their 2016 release "And Then Like Lions." Beautifully written, sung, and performed, this album is a gem that shines brighter with each listen.

Recently profiled here, the Austin duo's sophomore album was rawer and rougher than its previous effort, with driving instrumentals and energetic melodies, but is still immensely listenable. Having Butch Walker on board as producer of the album only helped to solidify the duo's sound.