It is safe to say that Low Cut Connie’s show with The Yawpers on Oct.  19 was the band’s last show at Club Cafe.

They have simply outgrown the size of the venue. If there were any more proof necessary, the show sold out.

While other critics tend to celebrate nearly every show they walk out  of as ‘the concert of the year,’ one would be very hard-pressed to  find another show that would qualify for this moniker as the one-two  punch of bands on the rise, riding high on two great recent releases  and on the same bill no less, but on an already short list, this show  has a tight lock on the top spot.

Low Cut Connie has been this slow boil of a band, slowly gaining fans over the years. “Dirty Pictures Part I,” released this year, is the spark that is lighting the powder keg. The classic combination of R&B  elements mixed with Philly rock has come together perfectly on “Dirty  Pictures.”

To say that the songs translate well live would be an understatement.  The songs take on another life altogether live. It is where Low Cut  Connie is in that rare tier of bands today. The albums are great, but  Low Cut Connie needs to be seen live. The record is just a part of the whole of Low Cut Connie.

Those that lament the days of the frontman as being over need to step out from their dinosaur acts to which they cling and join us in the here and now. The entire band puts on a hell of a show, led by Adam  Weiner.

Weiner could, and probably should design a workout around the piano.  Did he truly ever just sit at the piano? We’ll have to consult the high-speed camera to see. The man is up, down and dancing and engaging the audience from his piano perch of a seat.

All the theatrics would be for naught if the music sucked. No worries there. “Revolution Rock n Roll,” "Boozophilia,” "Rio,” "Dirty Water,”  "Death and Destruction,” or “Controversy,” elevate the party atmosphere.

If you were there, you get it. If you were there, thank the rock-and-roll gods for being there as you don’t see lighting captured in a bottle in that small of a club very often. You saw the band that  will be playing much larger venues on release of “Dirty Pictures Part  II” next year in a less than 200-cap room. You had an ‘intimate’ night with a band that is on a roll for much bigger things.

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