For Joel DaSilva, it was never a question of if he would become a musician, it was more a matter of when.

DaSilva will play the Kollar Club on July 12.

Music is in DaSilva’s genetic makeup. His parents toured Brazil, Ukraine, and the States as a singer and guitarist. They instilled a love of music in DaSilva.

Wanting to get closer to the music he loved, DaSilva got jobs working in clubs and bars at an early age. Those early jobs would get DaSilva on as a road hand for various bands.

DaSilva joined his first band, Junior Drinkwater and The Thirstquenchers at 18. He played in various bands before becoming the frontman for The Hep Cat Boo Daddies. After 13 years with the Daddies, DaSilva decided the time was right to go solo.

Now, he and the Midnight Howl have kept busy playing up to 300 shows a year.

The Swerve Magazine recently interviewed DaSilva about growing up with music in the family, his time working the bars and clubs and his new album due out in September.

The Swerve Magazine: Your mom was a singer and your dad a guitar player, with that lineage at what age did you know that music, more particularly the blues, was your calling?

Joel DaSilva: That's correct ..they were traveling musicians in Brazil. Music was around my house and in me pretty much my whole life from an early age.

I fell in love with Led Zeppelin, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Michael Jackson, U2, Buddy Guy all at the same time. I was very lucky to have such cool parents.

Music has always been my calling, and I love it so. It keeps me going..keeps my heart pumping and the blood flowing.

SM: You worked bars and clubs getting closer to the music you loved, do you have any stories, that you can tell, about that time? Interaction with blues heroes?

JD: I was too young to be in those venues, but I sure do. Tons of them. One is getting to perform with one of my musical influences, Ronnie Earl ...(who is a total sweetheart and the real deal by the way ) I asked him for some advice "Keep doing your thing, you sound good, plus eating right and try to sleep well."

The other is opening for BB King for four dates in Florida. BB King was hands down, the nicest, most pro cat out there. We all still miss him.

Come out to the show, and I'll tell ya more.

Then you became a stagehand for touring bands. Who did you tour with and any good stories from that period?

JD: Sure thing of the artists I've toured with was Grady Champion, which I've also learned a lot from.  He was and is another great showman, band leader, and person. He told me to play your heart out like there are a million people in the audience even if there's only one. You can change someone's heart and soul in the blink of an eye and make a difference.

SM: You started playing guitar around 16-17, what was it about that particular age that focused you on the guitar?

JD: Well I'll was pretty much an introvert, and at an early age I leaned toward that instrument as it there was something magical and mystical in the curves of the guitar and the sound it made drew me in deep.

I felt comfortable being with it. I felt as though it was an extension of my soul.

SM: You have played with The Regulators, The Underbellys and fronted Hep Cat Boo Daddies, the latter you fronted for 13 years. You then decided to go solo, why then? Was there a specific moment that pushed you to go solo?

JD: Hmm ..good question. I guess it was the right time for me. I was in a good place mentally. I wanted to focus on myself and a new direction. To go where the music takes me.

SM: You are one of the busiest touring acts, playing some 300 shows a year, how does one keep the stamina up to pull off that much traveling and then playing shows? Any plans on slowing down?

JD: What keeps me going are the fans and friends. Sounds cliche but it's true. They keep me going. Positivity does too. I just love music so much and touching people's hearts with it really makes a difference. I know it does.

Slowing down? No, if I can help. I still have tons to do and give. Plus, I haven't played on the moon yet.

SM: What is next for you after this summer tour? Writing, recording or some much deserved R & R?

JD: I actually have a single out now called "Shake" which you can stream and purchase here: from my upcoming new album entitled "Everywhere From Here" (It's best heard on the headphones or loud in a sweet system).

The new album will be out in September, so please keep an eye out for it.I'll also be touring again to support it.

I'll get some R & R after some more…. Rock and Roll.