Having no expectations is, sometimes, a good thing.

Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman, better known as the Brooklyn-based, synth-pop duo Great Good OK Fine, had no expectations when they released their very first song, “You’re the One for Me,” in 2013.

“We had no expectation,” Sandler (vocals) said. “The two of us were busy with other things. We didn’t plan to start a band even. We were just going to write a song because we both love making music. So, we certainly didn't expect what happened to happen. It was really crazy. It exploded on the blogs and Hype Machine. It was unexpected.”

Four years and three EPs later, the latest being this year’s “III,” Sandler and Moellman are on the road with their first stop of their latest tour being at Cattivo on May 25.

The Swerve Magazine recently spoke with Sandler about touring, writing and how “You’re the One for Me” was written in one night.

The Swerve Magazine: So Pittsburgh is the first date on this tour.

Jon Sandler: Pittsburgh is the first date.

SM: Are you ready to get back out on the road again?

JS: We are ready. We have toured so much in the past few years, and especially this last year, that it is, kind of, like clockwork. I am just excited. Touring is my favorite thing to do. We have been home now for a few months. We haven't toured since January, so there is definite interest to get back out.

SM: During that break, were you working on anything new?

JS: We are always working on new music whenever we are not touring. It is the cycle. It is constant. We might not release another EP for awhile, but we have to keep writing. We are not the type of band to go into a studio for a month and come out with an EP. We would rather let it be more organic and write everyday. Then, we release the things that we are most proud of.

SM: That seems to be the trend now; to release singles as you go, instead of taking time and making a full-length album.

JS: The “singles” thing right now is big. I think, especially because of Spotify being such a huge presence right now. It is important for bands to keep continuously releasing music and not wait a year in between albums, but really release a song every couple months.

SM: You almost have to keep your music in people’s ears, especially with everyone’s short attention span nowadays.

JS: It is totally true, and that format isn’t uncomfortable for us because we are constantly writing. It is fun to be able to put out songs often.

SM: Speaking of writing and singles, I have to ask about how “You’re the One for Me” was written in one night’s time.

JS: The long story short is before this band, I was doing my own solo project. I had a band and my piano player. Luke was his roommate at the time. I got to know Luke by working (at the piano player’s place). We became friends. As you do with musician friends, you constantly say to one another that you should work together someday. Make something or write a song. Most times it never happens, but sometimes it does.

Months had passed, and I hadn’t seen Luke in a long time. We ran into each other on the street in Manhattan and randomly and got to talking. We decided to write a song together. That night, he sent me the music to what would become “You’re the One for Me.” I listened to it and loved it and was so excited about it that the lyrics and melody just came to me that night. So, by the next day, I sent him what I did. Obviously, it evolved a lot and got polished up before we released it, but it was basically the song that next morning. Now having written a lot of songs with him, and being in the world; it is not lost on us how crazy that is (to get a song overnight). It was definitely a special thing.

SM: Have you come close to capture that magic anytime since?

JS: We have written a lot of songs. Some he will send a piece of music, but, mind you, when he sends me a piece of music, it is stuff he has spent a lot of hours on before he sent it to me. So it is sort of a blueprint of form, chord structure, and beat. Sometimes I will write something, and he loves it right away, and we have a demo quickly. Then he will spend a lot of time finishing it, but the song, itself, happened quickly. And then sometimes, it will take a long time of me writing various choruses on the same piece of music. Chipping away at it a lot, sometimes it is rough to finish a song. It can take weeks.

Sometimes, it can take us a long time, and at the end of it, we don't like it, and it never comes out. Or vice versa, we do something that we think is really good right away. It took like one day to do and then after awhile we don’t like it, and it doesn’t come out. It is all different.

SM: Did you have to scramble to get things in order after having the song take off to the unexpected success it saw?

JS: Weirdly enough, it started so organically and smoothly, because there were no expectations. We weren’t in a rush to start a band. After “You’re the One for Me,” we decided to write another song, and that felt good too. A team, sort of, just formed. We had a manager and a few other people helping us out before we even released the first song.

It didn’t feel like a scramble at all. It felt like everything was happening the way it was supposed to happen.
It was amazing and fun.