5. Nice Guys

4. Sing Street

Tension and mystery are perfectly measured in this thriller that keeps viewers guessing and totally commits to its premise.

3. Nocturnal Animals

While watching "Wilderpeople," you may find yourself wondering what exactly it is that you're watching, but this strange yet sweet story of foster kid Ricky and his grizzled caretaker succeeds greatly in being funny, offbeat, and heartfelt.

2. Rogue One

This is perhaps one of the best female coming-of-age films of all time (a tremendously underserved genre). Deftly avoiding virtually all current teen movie tropes and crass-for-the-sake-of-being-crass humor, "Seventeen" delivers a relatable, honest look at teen life with richly developed genuine characters.

1. David Brent: Life on the Road

Director John Carney has quietly produced a tremendous trilogy of music-driven films, with "Sing Street" being the most enjoyable. The cast is charming and authentic, and the songs are spot on for the period and infectiously poppy.

By favoring personal connections over sensational scare-and-shock, the makers of this HBO documentary exquisitely capture the repercussions of the Boston Marathon bombing and tell the story of the terrorist act in a profoundly affecting way.