There are fates far worse than brain freeze in “The Ice Cream Truck.”

In the new suspense film, Mary moves back to her suburban hometown after her husband is transferred to a new job. Setting up the house ahead of her family, who are tying up loose ends, Mary has trouble readjusting to small town life from a nosy neighbor to a creepy delivery man and the neighborhood's idyllic, yet unsettling ice cream truck.

Deanna Russo stars as Mary and carries much of the film, often as the sole on-screen performer, a move which heightens Mary's emotional and physical solitude. Russo is recognizable for a number of varied roles including Sarah Graiman in 2008's “Knight Rider,” Tamara G. in “Burning Love,” Kat Neely in “Being Human” and Crimson Fox in “Powerless.”

“The Ice Cream Truck” hits select theaters and VOD August 18.

The Swerve Magazine: How did writer/director Megan Freels Johnston pitch the character to you?

Deanna Russo: Megan was very sneaky pitching me the character! She emailed me the script under the pretense of, “Hey would you mind reading this and giving me notes?” We’ve been friends for a long time, so I was happy to take a look.

I enjoyed the story so much that my reply back to her had no notes. I told her I liked it so much that if she couldn’t find anyone more famous to play Mary, to please consider me. I fell right into her trap! She didn’t want to make it awkward by asking me to work together if I wasn’t into it, so she let involvement be my idea. She’s no dummy.

SM: Was it easy to relate to your character?

DR: Heck yeah. Megan wrote the character for moms in their mid-thirties to relate to. That’s me!

SM: Do you have a favorite horror movie?

DR: I still have nightmares from "Hellraiser!"

SM: What about one that you saw in the theatre and had you quivering in your seat?

DR: I think all immersive theatre is pretty scary. Most recently, I saw a play in Los Angeles called "Amos" that still haunts me.

SM: Have you seen “The Ice Cream Truck?” Despite being in the film, did you still find it scary?

DR: I have seen “The Ice Cream Truck,” and I have to say that the silent pauses are pretty off-putting. But maybe that’s more about my own social awkwardness than it is about the movie.