5. Guardian of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

Michael Rooker was so good that he stole the show from an impossibly cute Baby Groot. Mantis wasn't Mantis, but the character who bore her name was pretty awesome. Laughter and heart took precedence over a delayed plot, but the movie was a ton of fun and did a great job balancing the cast. and the 786 post-credits bits should make everyone eager to see what Vol. Zune holds.

4. Split

James McAvoy carries the film as he shifts between several personalities sharing one body. Both McAvoy and M. Night Shyamalan should be commended for showing restraint, and not feeling the need to exhibit all two dozen unique voices, instead focusing on constructing tight narrative of building tension with a few key personas. An excellent psychological thriller throughout, the epilogs re-frames the story, lands it a spot on this list, and whets the audience's collective appetite for the sequel.

3. The LEGO Batman Movie

Exploring the lighter side of the Dark Knight, his hopes, dreams and love of relationship comedies (which with recent in-comic events, really should be made canon), the film never loses sight of its cast, no matter how many gags and Easter Eggs are being tossed at the audience at any moment. Zach Galifianakis won't score a spot on many Best Joker medal podiums, but that is about the worst thing you can say about this tongue-in-cheek celebration of Bruce Wayne's 78-year war on crime.

2. Wonder Woman

When I was young, I repeatedly watched the Christopher Reeve Superman films on TV. A few years later, I fell in love with Tim Burton's Gotham City. Deservedly, Wonder Woman's big screen debut has the quality impact of her fellow Trinity members' original cinematic efforts. Gal Gadot stole her scenes in “Dawn of Justice,” and owns every frame of her solo outing. Backed by an excellent supporting cast, and dynamic direction, the film is beautiful and exciting and adventurous and fun and heartbreaking and heroic and everything that a superhero film should be.

1. Logan

Not just the best comicbook movie, but one of the best films so far this year. James Mangold put together the most satisfying film of his career. Hugh Jackman gave his truest, most nuanced Wolverine performance. Daphne Keen made an unforgettable debut. Patrick Stewart should be nominated for Best Supporting Actor award across the board next year. A film like this, that is essentially a Western with a few fast-paced action sequences, shows what comicbook films can be, and how they can break out of the cookie cutter mold to strengthen the genre and extend the genre's cinematic life.