Fox Mulder was not wrong; it turns out the truth is out there.

Noted paranormal investigator and documentarian Chad Calek has seen it.

Calek is touring the country with his new documentary “Sir Noface,” which plays at the Oaks Theatre in Oakmont on August. 21.

“Sir Noface” revolves around footage of a full-bodied apparition caught on film by the West Sydney Paranormal Research team on Cockatoo Island in Australia.

For Calek, this is the culmination of 25 years spent investigating ghosts and the paranormal. “Sir Noface” is Calek's third documentary on the subject behind “American Ghost Hunter” and “A Blood Red Sky.” He also spent a stint with the A&E show “Paranormal State.”

The Swerve Magazine recently spoke with Calek about what to expect with “Sir Noface.”

Chad Calek: We are getting ready to roll into Pittsburgh in a few days.

The Swerve Magazine: How many dates of the tour have you done this year, so far?

CC: With this film, we did seventeen test screenings in various parts of the country last July. Then we did three screenings last December in Sydney, Australia. These were purely just to make sure I had the story right, people understood it, and they got it.

I’m a big believer in listening to your audience. Once I did those, and I got people’s notes and figured out which parts of the story worked. Which parts worked, which parts were gray and needed some more explanation. I went back to the editing board, got it right. Once I knew I had it right, we established this tour, which is 28 cities. We are doing another seven in Australia and New Zealand in November.

SM: You are quite busy right now.

CC: Yes, but in a good way.

SM: It sounds like you might have some free time after this tour as you’ve said that you have officially retired from ghost hunting because you have finally accomplished captured evidence of a ghost on film.

CC: I didn’t capture it. I’m a part of telling the story at least.

I’ve been asked about that a lot. What you have to understand is, I truly did set out to capture that definitive piece. I’ve got close. I have an hour worth of footage that will blow your mind. In meeting this gentleman, Craig Powell, and the stuff that he showed me, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. To the degree that I said when the documentary began, the point of this documentary was to debunk this man. I thought I was going to be able to catch him.

I say very plainly, in the documentary and trailer, either this is the most definitive case ever, or it is the greatest hoax perpetuated. I was leaning towards the hoax, trust me, when it started, but having come to the conclusion that I have and what people will see at the screening; this man has done it. He has done it. There is really not much reason for me to go out and ghost hunt anymore. I know this man has done it.

It doesn’t mean that I will never do it out of passion. It is hard to get excited about it when someone has beat you there, when someone has accomplished it.

Never say never. If I’m out with some friends and they want to go ghost hunting, and it is something I can get excited about, maybe, I’ll do it then, but certainly not on a professional level.

SM: Having seen the footage of evidence of a ghost, did it confirm certain things for you or did it throw you off into a different direction?

CC: My initial thought when I saw it, it was a split verdict in my head. My heart, my gut told me it was real. Certainly, I would not have started down this road if I didn’t think there was a chance. It was just so clear. The image was so clear. The way it moved. In my 25 years of ghost hunting, twice, I believe, I have seen with my eye a spirit. This thing moved—the physical movement of it, was what I had seen before. It is what blew me away. The fluid motion that Noface had, it defies physics. You will know what I mean when you see it. It moves in a fashion like water. It moves so fluidly in a way that human beings don’t move this way.

But there was still a part of me, in my mind… Even though I’m a believer, I always say that I’m a skeptical believer, meaning most things that I see I can debunk. So my mind told me, this is probably CGI.

I took the film and shared it with Danny Patterson, who did the CGI for “Iron Man,” Benjamin Button” and “The Avengers.” This guy would know what was up. Even better, this guy was not a believer in ghosts. He said to me right away, “Listen, I don’t believe in ghosts. I can’t tell you if this is a ghost.” I told him I didn’t need him to tell me if it was a ghost. I needed him to tell me is it CGI.

He came back and said there is nothing about this that he could tell me that it was CGI. There is nothing about it, that this footage, that there is any give away that its CGI. He said whatever they filmed; they filmed in the room. Whatever is on frame, happened. That was the tipping point for me.
I don’t want to give it away, but there are two ‘Ah-ha’ moments in the film, where you learn that it was an impossibility for them to physically do it. These moments will blow people away. It is like, ‘Oh, my God.’

It is an emotional rollercoaster. When this whole thing started, I told Craig I’m going to make one of two documentaries. I’m going to make this amazing documentary about this amazing gentleman who went on this incredible voyage and captured this footage that proves that ghost exists. Or, I’m going to make a documentary about a guy, who is the biggest hoaxer ever. I’m going to expose him. I’m going to expose your team, your friends, your family, everybody.

I told him to think long and hard about this before he wanted to go down this road because he didn’t control the stop button. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “I have got nothing to hide. Nothing to hide. Let’s do this.”

It blew me away.

SM: It is part of what is interesting about the whole thing is you gave him that speech in the beginning, and he still decided to go down that path where he didn’t have the stop button.

CC: Right. People have to consider how dangerous of a path that is. What if he is telling the truth and I just happen to find some stuff that I disagree with? What if I wind up thinking he did something that he didn’t do? It is a dangerous route to travel. He was that certain of the truth behind the footage, his journey, his path and how it all started.

One of the first things he said to me was that this all started with the government. It was one of the first things that I made him prove. I needed to see the emails. I needed to see phone records. I needed to know that this started with the government.

He had all the documentation. Right at the beginning of making the film, he put out a really small, short teaser trailer to let people know that we were making this and that is when the government got ahold of him and me. They refused to be interviewed, but the only thing that they wanted me to do was to take their names off of the emails that we used in the trailer and the movie. I thought it was fascinating that they never denied anything. They never said this is BS. They weren’t a part of it. They just wanted their names taken out.

I didn’t because they are public servants. So I was like, “No, we are not going to take your names out.” But how fascinating is it that they didn’t deny it? It was my first indicator that Craig was on the level. There is real stuff happening here.

I don’t know if I will ever make a documentary this fascinating. I really don’t.

SM: I think that some of the intrigue, too, is that you come from a family that was not religious. There were atheists. Ghosts were not a thing. Then you had the experiences that are documented in your first documentary “American Ghost Hunter.” And now, you have achieved proof of paranormal/ghost activity with “Sir Noface.” You have come full circle, from nonbeliever to believer to having proof. It is an amazing journey.

CC: It is, especially because I can’t stress that enough. Growing up, we just didn't speak (of this). It just wasn’t a part of our world. There was no god. There were no ghosts. My father was an Air Force engineer. He is a man of science and math.

To have it go in this direction, it is a very unique situation. It is certainly one that I could have never predicted. Sometimes life takes you in directions; you go where you go.

SM: Ok, now having seen definitive proof of ghosts and the paranormal, and this is a hard question to phrase right, where do you think they come from? Does that matter to you?

CC: It definitely matters to me. It is, it is, such a broad question. We discuss all the time. Are (ghosts) what people historically believe are dead people without the bodies and the spiritual energy? Or, are we looking at what the more scientific-minded would imply, which is that there are multiple dimensions and that we are looking at blips in time. We are looking at alternate dimensions that are vibrating one into another or crossing over for periods of time.

I’m fascinated by both. If I had to lean in a direction, I would lean to multiple dimensions—that it is not necessarily dead people that we are looking at, but an alternate time frame that is going on.

Viewing time as a dimension, I think that is a real interesting idea. String theory tells us that it is not only likely but probable that there is up to 13 different dimensions going on at the same time. I don’t think our minds have even come close to wrapping around the concepts of time and space and energy. I don’t think we’ve even begun to understand what is capable. It wasn’t that long ago that we were using squares for wheels. It wasn’t that long ago that people believed you’d sail a boat right off the edge of the earth. One of mankind’s greatest flaws is our egos. We think that we know so much, only to learn every few years that we had it wrong.

I’m fascinated by the question you pose. Unfortunately, I don’t have that answer.

SM: I had to ask and I’m glad you brought up the multiple dimension angle as that is one that I’ve seen popping up more and more as explanations for the paranormal. And not just ghosts, but things like Bigfoot, Mothman and other things. It is fascinating as we may be getting these bleed-overs from other dimensions. We are just seeing blips of what is going on. It does explain things, and it makes sense.

CC: Absolutely. I totally agree.

Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil. I’ve heard the same thing that they are inter-dimensional beings that is why you never find bones of them. You need proof of them, but yet people are seeing them at such an astronomical rate. If they are blipping in and out of a dimension that does make sense.

I was part of a Jersey Devil investigation (when I was on “Paranormal State”). We went to the Pine Barrens and fired up a thermal camera. We captured footage of something small with a long neck that was walking around that resembled the Jersey Devil on thermal, and it disappeared on thermal. That doesn’t make any sense. You should be able to track it no matter where it goes, and it just disappeared on thermal.

Everyone said it was a hoax and it was fake. I can guarantee you on my life that it was not. We filmed something out there in those woods. It was my first thought of them being multi-dimensional. They are just blipping in and blipping out.

SM: Having been ghost hunting for 25 years and all the experiences that accompany those years, just how haunted is Cockatoo Island?

CC: It is beyond haunted. I talk about this at the very beginning of the film. I got the opportunity to go for a one-hour long ghost hunt. I went over there on a promotion tour. It was with 50 of my fans. This is when Craig first introduced me to the island.

In that hour, there are three different things that we experienced;

One of them sounded like glass breaking in the middle of the room. We found no glass.

One of them sounded like a piece of metal against the wall.

One was footsteps that 22 of us (we were split into two groups) heard. We listened to these footsteps walk clearly across the room, like someone was dragging their feet. Nobody is moving. Everyone was blown away. I remember saying to Justin (Holstein), my investigation partner, “Is this a lost island or something?” Most ghost hunts you can spend up to a year in a place and never experience anything and in one night (on Cockatoo Island) this happened.

So why is it that this place, that you just go there and things are happening. I just doesn’t make any sense to me. I think it is, without question, the most haunted location I’ve ever been to. There is something bizarre that is way, way above the norm that is going on out there.

I don’t know what it is. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to spend out there to know what it is. Craig and his team spent up to two years out there, and they felt like they were getting close to an answer. But, not to give too much away about what is in the film, unfortunately, the government shut it down. You will find out why in the movie. It is really bizarre. It is really weird.

SM: The government shut it down? Ok. You’re taking the movie back in November to screen in Australia, how does that turn out?

CC: I don’t know. I’m very nervous about it. At the same time, there are not any laws that I have broken. I’m going to stand for my film. I’m going to go there, and we are going to try to get the government on record. We are going to try and get them to come out and explain to us their actions. That is all we want to know. Why did you start this? Why did you react the way you did? Why did you bring a team out and then pull the rug out from underneath them? There are a lot of questions we have that are not being answered that we are going to try and get answers for.

SM: You might have your next documentary lined up by just trying to get the government’s story.

CC: Sure. It is very possible.

SM: Why start it, if they were going to pull the plug?

CC: You will see in the film there is something really weird that doesn’t make any sense. The nature in which they shut it down, it does feel like there is something else at play that we don’t know about.

SM: (Pause) Yeah.

CC: It is strange, right?

SM: Yeah. Yes. You have the allure of the ghost being documented on film; then you have this intrigue of the government commissioning and then decommissioning the investigation. It sounds like the film has got it all.

CC: In addition to the movie screening, for those that are just fans of the paranormal, I show the best stuff that I’ve captured from all over the world over the course of the last 25 years. It is a fan favorite. It is just an hour of evidence. If you love the paranormal, this is a big healthy serving of it.

It is a no-BS look into the world of the paranormal, which is what most people are excited about.
I tell the audiences every night that I’m not here to make you believe in the paranormal. I’m here to show you why I believe. From there, you can do with it what you choose, but understand this is why I believe. It has been incredible night after night.

It is no bullshit. It is no bullshit; this is the real deal. I can promise you that.

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