20. “WICK,” Royal Thunder

19. “Route 62,” Whitney Rose

18. “Guppy,” Charly Bliss

17. “Poppycock,” Dirt Box Disco

16. “Odyssey,” The Accidentals

What: Hard rock/metal

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

Listen: “April Showers,” The Sinking Chair,” We Slipped”

What: Punk/metal/hard rock
Where: Midlands

Listen: “Finger Blast,” Fat Kid,” Lazy Bastard”

13. “Undivided Heart,” JD McPherson

14. “Adios,” Cory Branan

15. “The Wild,” Rural Alberta Advantage

12. “A Black Mile to the Surface,” Manchester Orchestra

What: Indie rock
Where: Toronto

Listen: “Brother,” Bad Luck,” Alright”

What: Indie/alt-rock/country/singer-songwriter

Where: Memphis

Listen: “The Vow, You Got Through,” Another Nightmare in America”

Read our interview from 2017 with Cory Branan discussing “Adios” here

What: Hard rock/psychedelia

Where: Philadelphia

Listen: “Planetary Space Child,” Killer,” The Fool”

What: Indie rock/pop

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

Listen: “The Gold, The Alien, The Mistake”

What: Old-school country Where: Austin via Toronto

Listen: “Can’t Stop Shakin,’ Better to my Baby,” Trucker’s Funeral”

What: Genre-defying

Where: Traverse City, Michigan

Listen: “Cut Me Down, Odyssey,” Crow’s Feet”

Read our interview with

The Accidentals discussing “Odyssey” here

What: R&B/rock n’ roll

Where: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Listen: “On the Lips,” Undivided Heart & Soul,” Jubilee”

11. “Planetary Space Child,” Ruby the Hatchet

What: Bubblegrunge

Where: New York City

Listen: “Percolator,” Westermarck,” DQ”